Thursday, December 30, 2010

Martins & LazyCook cooked some serious fillet on Weber

Here we are again, after I don’t know how many weeks, on a beautiful winter night, out at our crazy garden with our much-loved friends Tracey & Garth and our family, braiing a whole 1 kg organic tenderloin steak on Weber..(well the steak which Trace had ordered before and marinated and Garth and LazyCook cooked together on weber). 

1kg fillet on weber!
As appetizer we had the ribs (bought as frozen from Spinneys) and boerwurs grilled on Weber and a crispy green salad with tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Then, the real deal – 1kg whole fillet steak slowly roasted on Weber. The key to the process was to stack the coals on the both sides of the grill and keep the space in the middle for the dripping tray and whole potatoes wrapped in foil (we keep forgetting them before, finally we remembered to put them on time) Then we put the whole fillet on the grill and closed the lid with vents open. Steak was roasted in half an hour. Although Weber did not need any help from us, we never left him alone, poking and turning every five minutes, brushing with extra marinade. The result was amazing!! Even the well-done part which normally becomes dry and tough was juicy and tender.

As dessert we had our usual cheats dessert inspired by Jamie Oliver: Ice cream (any flavor but preferably vanilla, although I prefer Belgian chocolate) on top of crumbled ginger biscuits with berry sauce (different kinds of berries simply boiled in water with some sugar and couple of drops of lemon juice). You can add some fresh strawberries on top as well. Original recipe requires orange juice sauce with oranges (see the recipe).

Such a perfect night!

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  1. Looks incredible guys - will try this method. I usually do it a similar way, but divide the Weber in half and give the meat a quick roasting to seal it and then move it off the heat to slow cook for 30 mins or so. Same result really. In case you're wondering I am a mate of Garth's from London.