Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good to be back home Roast Chicken (14/09/2010)

Yes the lazy cooks are back home and trying to get into their usual cooking routine. For me, after a long holiday it’s always difficult to go into any routine (and especially when the weather is this humid after a sweet breezy week in Istanbul). But we forced ourselves to go to the supermarket and buy our favorite organic chicken pieces (we would prefer whole chicken but they were out of stock) and Alp’s favorite chorizo and some potatoes, bring them home and cook Jamie’s Super Tasty Spanish Chicken. Since we forgot about the parsley and we couldn’t find it in the vicinity later, we had to roast the chicken without the parsley stalks and prepare the gremolata without the parsley! But the smell around the house while roasting was so tempting thanks to the hot lemons placed in between the chicken legs and thighs. And the taste was really super tasty. The best side dish for this juicy chicken would be just plain brown rice and it worked perfect for us and for our guest as well. We’re glad to be back to our sunny kitchen..

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