Friday, September 24, 2010

Rivington Grill rocks...

Last year as a family tradition we were going to Rivington Grill almost every Saturday for lunch. Sometimes only three of us, sometimes with friends. I had a thing with their warm salmon & potato salad and pinot blanc and Alp loves their meat dishes and interesting beers and Asli's favorite is kids’ fish&chips. I don’t know why we stopped but Rivington is one of our favorite restaurants in Dubai.

So last night we went there for dinner happily. We sat inside and actually we prefer the atmosphere inside even when the weather is nice and the fantastic fountain show is on every half an hour (this is another story). We even like sitting at the bar for dinner (when we are two) watching the dynamic kitchen. It was packed on a weekday night so I guess Rivington became one of the ‘in’ restaurants in Dubai with its food and atmosphere.

The menu was a little bit changed. There were some interesting additions. We had an interesting sweetbread and mushroom dish (which was among the specials of the day) and a leek&pea soup which came with a divine hot scone besides. I was a bit suspicious about the soup by its appearance but it was really tasty (we generally share a starter and have main for each but I guess we were really hungry this time).

The mains (lamb chop and another special of the day – chicken with some strangely called mushrooms) were just great.

Of course no place left for their famous sticky toffee pudding but everyone should try this at least once. It is soo good..

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