Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seafood Pasta Extravaganza

After many discussions, it’s decided that this Thursday night’s special at LazyCooks’ kitchen will be rigatoni with shrimp, calamari and basil from Bon Appétit. For the shopping, we went to our favorite supermarket (Waitrose) to buy 250 gr large shrimps, 200 gr cleaned calamari, leeks, fresh basil and pecorino cheese. We love the fish/seafood sections in the markets. Even if we’re not buying we must have a look and funnily our 4 year old daughter as well.

After reserving half of the shrimps and calamari, we chopped the other halves and put them in the processor. We’ve never cooked calamari before so we’re a bit excited.

Shrimp and calamari mixture is sautéed along with the vegetables.. The sauce unfortunately is cooked without the clam juice but fish stock with some white wine was a perfect substitute (we think!).

The reserved shrimps and calamari sizzling…and thrown in to the pasta with the cheese and basil to be tossed….

And thank you Bon Appétit. This seafood pasta was probably the best we've ever cooked..


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