Monday, July 26, 2010

Chicken vermicelli soup for flu – 24 July 2010

In our family whenever someone starts sneezing, coughing, getting flu, immediately all the chicken legs, thighs, wings (whatever part of chicken we can find in the freezer) goes to the largest pot with two celery sticks, one carrot, two small zucchinis, one onion, a small bunch of parsley, a handful of green beans (if you have) – all vegetables will be cooked as whole pieces (we discard them after cooking). And we cook it with water. After everything is cooked (for about 45 minutes), we take out everything (or use sieve to take apart the broth), slice the chicken, fry a handful of vermicelli in butter briefly in a separate pan and put it in the broth with the chicken pieces (before combining the pasta and chicken with the broth, you can keep aside some of the broth and freeze it for near future).  Season the soup with salt and pepper and boil it shortly. And it’s ready with a slice of toasted bread on the side. You can drizzle with a little bit of olive oil if you wish. Afterwards, take a cold tablet or aspirin C and go to bed. Most probably you’ll feel much better in the morning. Well at least I’m feeling much better this morning (25 July). I better be as today is Alp’s birthday!

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