Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Salmon Cake - 23 July 2010

On the weekend, we craved for a light seafood dish.  I came across this recipe in recently from Gourmet. We’ve done salmon fishcake before but this one seemed lighter to us especially with the fennel-zucchini coleslaw on the side which makes the dish really fresh and summery. It was delicious, I can say, although it doesn’t seem very charming on the photo above. And the fennels look like chicken! (I think I have to improve my food photographing techniques, eventually we’ll get there, I hope!). Alp fried the fish and he says it needed something to hold the cake together (like eggs). The fennels should have been sliced thinner (we could use a parmesan shaver) and although we used half the mayonnaise, the sauce was strong. However with a glass of petits chablin for each we were really satisfied with our dinner. And guess what we watched (again!) on dvd afterwards? ‘Julie&Julia’ and we felt somewhat overwhelmed. The movie is wonderful of course. One of the favorite top 10 list.
Next morning, I wanted to try to make a dessert (probably I made less than 10 desserts in my life half of it gone to garbage directly!) I’ve seen in good old ‘Comfort’ cook book by Tina Bester (link). The only reason being is I wanted to use the Turkish delight box which came from Turkey before the expiry date! And this recipe includes almost whole 250 gr box of Turkish delight (as chopped). And it should be kept in the freezer overnight. Hence we’ll see how it will be like at Alp’s birthday celebration tomorrow night! We’ll keep it posted.

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