Monday, July 26, 2010

Quick Chicken Sandwich before movies - 22 July 2010

I don’t know about you but we generally suffer to find something to eat in the mall before going to cinemas. As we have 10-15 minutes maximum before the movie starts plus add another 5 minutes waiting time in popcorn queue (this is a must) hence popcorn generally becomes the dinner. Well at least for me. Alp gets the tasty, healthy hotdog from the counter!
This time, we made a quick chicken sandwich from ‘Comfort’ (what would we eat if Susie hasn’t sent this to us!). The chicken breast is crusted with parmesan and cooked in the oven for half an hour.  And the sandwich is ready with a fresh white baguette…Delicious and nutritious with a bottle of beer (not if you’re driving to go to the movies!) Unfortunately it looks like a normal chicken burger in the photos. Hence we didn’t bother to upload it. Ah, we watched a good action movie ‘Salt’. A fun one and a half hours. Like a female version of Born Identity series with an out of this world female!

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