Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Steak Sandwich with Mustard Butter and Caramelized Onion

This is our third post since we decided to start our blog couple of days ago. Hence, here is a little bit of background. Why we want to blog? First of all we wanted to motivate ourselves, as we are lazy cooks, not to be lazy after coming home from work every night and do what we really love to do – to cook! Also, we always wanted to record what we’re cooking to ourselves and to friends and family. So basically this blog will initially be for us as a cooking diary and a motivation tool. And eventually it may become a medium to communicate with the outside world.  Since I am (Nurbanu) a keen blog reader, I think blogs are a wonderful way to share our experience, thoughts and ideas.

So, tonight we cooked from a lovely cook book which is a gift from our lovely friends Susie and Mike. The Book is ‘Comfort’ by Tina Bester. She has a beautiful, happy restaurant in Cape Town called Queen of Tarts which, if I’m not wrong, we have been to five years ago while we were there with our same friends.

We (I mean Alp) prepared the mustard butter which is the crucial element in this dish along with the caramelized onions and grilled the steaks, while I prepared the mixed salad with fennels, avocado, herbs and feta with a balsamic dressing (as the story teller of the family, I have commitments before our daughter goes to sleep while Alp, as the chef of our family, starts cooking. So generally I make the salad which is actually one of my favorite activities). We were too late to make the beer bread when we started cooking (this recipe was a last minute idea) hence we used fresh white baguette instead. Result was amazing with a bottle of beer for each of us.

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