Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chicken Paprika Pasta (Friday night)

I don’t know why we were always reluctant to roast a full chicken? And especially when it is a corn-fed chicken (from Waitrose)! It takes an hour and a half (ok this is one of the reasons) but once it is cooked, you can use it for the next couple of days either in a sandwich or a salad or in tortillas (like chicken quesadilla). Anyway for our dish, we drizzled the chicken with some olive oil and lemon juice, seasoned it with s&p, added some fresh herbs (whatever we found in the kitchen – oregano) and put it in the oven to be roasted. After 1.5 hours we carved the whole chicken and for paprika we took some portion from each chicken part and kept the rest for later use. Actually this dish is more like chicken cooked in paprika with some pasta, not chicken pasta. And it is one of the most comforting dishes in the ‘Comfort’ Book by Tina Bester. And the best thing about it was the next day Asli ate it with great interest while we were munching the chicken quesadillas with chili sauce! (For this on a tortilla we just put some cheese, warmed up the roasted chicken from previous day and added some coriander if there is any. Put another tortilla on top and grilled it on a pan – so simple and yet delicious!)

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