Sunday, August 22, 2010

Warm Chicken Sandwich with Spinach and Mushrooms - 19 August 2010

We love Thursday nights as everybody does in Dubai since it is the weekend* the next day. And we generally try not to stay home but go out to dinners, to drinks, to friends to celebrate the coming weekend!.. But this Thursday night we felt more like to stay home, invite over a friend, cook a homely meal and spend the night around the dinner table eating, drinking, talking, and listening to music.

So we went over our favorite meals list and decided to go ahead with the ‘warm chicken sandwich’ that we used to like a lot. It’s called sandwich but with the roasted chicken and additional spinach and mushrooms, it is unfair to categorize it under sandwiches. In the original recipe the chicken is pan fried with mushrooms and shallots but the chicken (in our case several pieces of organic chicken legs and a piece of breast) is divine when it is roasted after seasoning, drizzling with olive oil and putting lemon slices on top. 

We cooked the vegetables separately and combined the carved chicken, vegetables and the cheese in the ciabatta rolls. It’s important to use ciabatta as it is the most suitable bread in terms of the taste and the texture for this sandwich. And as always we had the mixed salad to share and a good bottle of red wine from France (Haut Medoc).

Warm Chicken Sandwich from Epicurious

* Weekend in Dubai is on Fridays & Saturdays

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