Sunday, August 8, 2010

Failure cake! (06/08/2010 – Friday morning)

Our daughter is generally a very picky fussy eater and not only for main dishes but also for desserts as well. So when we see her eating a food enthusiastically this is a big fulfillment for us. Either for the dish we cook or at a restaurant. The other day I saw her eating a slice of chocolate cake at a tea party. And she wanted more and asked me to make a cake like this at home. We probably mentioned how bad we are at making cakes and like. And this particular cake is the most classic cacao cake where the cacao swirls in the vanilla cake (which my mom used to make for each tea party). I asked my mom for the recipe and I followed exactly what she told me and the result was disaster. The cake was like 3cm at most (I don’t know it should be at least 10?) and the color was light brown no swirls or anything and it tasted nothing! My diplomatic 3.5 years daughter took a little piece and gave it back to me smiling “I’ll eat this after we come back. Ok anne?” (as we were going out). I think I should get the dessert version of ‘Comfort’ book. Or maybe just buy Betty Crocker Super Moist cakes in the box! I know how they are delicious. 

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