Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simplest Pasta from Carluccio (22 August 2010)

After rolling one hundred dolmas for couple of hours the previous night (etli yaprak dolmasi) and eating it for three consecutive mealtimes (excluding breakfast!), we craved for some serious carbohydrates. We already had a pack of green fresh pasta in the fridge (fresh pasta is crucial here). So we scanned the ‘Passion for Pasta’ by Antonio Carluccio (the pasta recipe book we had for ages) and came up with this very simple recipe. All we did was putting the zucchinis, garlic, onion, tomato and basil leaves into the pan and frying them with olive oil while the pasta is boiling. That simple and very delicious indeed with some grated fresh pecorino cheese.

As a separate note, the food in Carluccio's Restaurants in Dubai is very satisfying. Our favorites are the vegetarian pasta with fried spinach balls and the kids’ lasagna. Whenever we go to Marina Mall for our weekly Waitrose mission, we generally stop there to have a quick meal. By the way, ‘Passion for Pasta’ is on sale there.

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