Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Hot Restaurant in Dubai

We’ve been trying to book a place in the just opened ‘Rhodes Twenty10’ for a week and all we had as a response from the receptionist is ‘we’re fully booked until next week’. To be honest this was hard to believe as August is Dubai’s hottest month, the schools are off and it is Ramadan time so most of the expats are out of town on holiday. And I don’t think Rhodes Twenty10 is the popular place to have Iftar. Anyway, finally we could get a 10pm table on Friday for three. When we entered the restaurant we saw that there are only 10 tables on that floor and 9 others on the upper floor. And all were full.

We all thought that nothing was in the wrong. The table set up, the atmosphere, the service and of course the food. Two of us had grilled fish (one salmon, one seabass) and the other had the postmodern hamburger which was really interesting (no bun, with fois gras and a devil sauce). And the starters we shared were not only delicious but also big enough to be shared. Lobster ceasar salad with proper number of lobster pieces and same for the duck. We didn’t have any dessert after eating all this food around midnight but they compensate for it with some little treats accompanying the coffees. We’ll definitely go back and recommend you the same. Just book a week earlier.

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