Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lebanese Dinner (05/08/2010 – Thursday Night)

And the experimental Lebanese dinner by Tracey & Michelle turned out to be stunning. On the beautifully arranged dinner table there was sis barak, mixed salad with halloumi, meat dolma with wine leaves, mixed grill of marinated lamb chops and chicken, (and our fattoush as well). 

Sis barak is very similar to our traditional Turkish meat ravioli (manti) but with sis barak the meat filled dumplings are cooked in yoghurt (with mint) and it is more like a soup. I think we tried this dish while we were in Lebanon but this one was really delicious. 

But the real charm of the table for me is of course the meat dolma! Thanks to Trace and Mich for this lovely dinner. I think we should definitely continue with these themed dinners. How about a Turkish dinner at us once everyone is back from their holidays?

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