Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Perfect Dinner

And we’re back at Rhodes Mezzanine! But this time not in the kitchen. We have been to Mezzanine couple of times but before it was Rhodes. And we always liked the food and the atmosphere but last night was something different. We were welcomed into the beautifully decorated white peaceful setting by Natissa and her friendly staff. As soon as we sit at the table, canapé plates were served. Each one filled with different kinds of tiny bites such as salmon cake balls, foie gras on mini crackers, cherry tomato filled with herbs, cheese in millefeuille pastry…Before the starter, the signature complimentary dish from the Chef ‘tomato soup’ arrived in espresso cups. The color was surprising and the taste was amazing. And then we shared the delicious crab lasagna decorated with hazelnut soufflé as starter (which made us actually more hungry!), continued with a surprise dish in between and then we went on to our main dishes, the beef fillet with snail risotto and the best John Dory I’ve ever eaten in my life. And we had a cute treat from the Chef accompanying our espressos. Thank you…again…

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