Monday, August 9, 2010

A good source of Omega-3 with Saffron Orzo (08/08/2010)

Nobody was in the mood for cooking today. And since I was going to do my usual Sunday weekly meat shopping from Organic market for fish, chicken and beef, we decided to go for salmon pan fry and our favorite side dish for the fish – saffron orzo. The salmon fillet I bought came with the skin so we did the patting the flour on the skin side, brushing it with butter and pan frying in little olive oil (like we did in Rhodes Mezzanine) but for some reason the skin didn’t turn out to be crispy enough. But the taste was right. Orzo is an Italian pasta which looks like rice and when you cook it like this (we found the recipe from a year ago and it became a classic side dish in LazyCook’s kitchen) it almost tastes like risotto but lighter and more tender. We had a healthy mixed salad with whatever green and red I found in the fridge. And with a glass of white wine tonight was a pretty good LazyCook night.  Do you feel like you want to eat something after the fish to finish the taste? A piece of cheese (eski kasar) or something sweet (helva) with Turkish coffee? Or is this a Cicekdagi/Aksit family tradition rooted in our genes??

We’re looking forward to tomorrow night’s Mexican food and movies night with our best friends Martins!

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